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Although there is an ageing population, we do not have an ageing workforce. The chances of being employed decrease for people over the age of fifty even though we are living longer and healthier lives than ever before.

This is bad for health and wellbeing – working and having something to focus on is good for all of us. But it is also bad for the economy which loses out on the skills, experiences and enthusiasm of older people.

Ageism is part of the problem but so too is the lack of flexible, interesting work which is attractive, accessible and most importantly, ideal to older workers.


Blume will change this landscape by generating fun, flexible and lucrative opportunities for older people, and by providing excellent, good value services to organisations and individuals.

Blume is a social venture.  We want to do good and make a profit at the same time.  We make our money by charging a small percentage on every transaction.


Alexander Stevenson (Blume’s founder) co-founded RSe Consulting, a management consultancy which worked for more than 200 Local Authorities before being bought by Tribal. He has written two books on public sector management, is Chair of the Create Streets Foundation and until recently was a trustee of the Young Foundation and Fight for Peace.

Further, Alexander joined Greydient for a recent Q&A.

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