Social media & your job search

Part two: Facebook groups

Creating posts

Remember that every post you put into a Facebook group is likely to be viewed by a good percentage of it’s members. Job groups have a nice balance between those who are searching and others who are hiring. Be sure to double check how your post reads prior to hitting the submit button. Not only is the spelling and grammar important but also the content.

By simply asking if there are any jobs you are making it difficult for employers to know what work you are looking for and whether you are worth hiring. Add specifics and you are likely to get a better result. Try to always include information about what industry you are hoping to find work in, where you are based and where you can travel to and any other key details. There is no need to give your life story, but by adding a little more you could save time and get a better response.

Commenting & Engaging

Getting involved on a post in a great way to get the attention of a potential employer. See a job you like? Comment on it and get the ball rolling. Ensure that the conversation leads towards an application or at least a call to discuss in more detail. Remember that standing out is key and when fifty other people are commenting you may be the only one who thinks outside the box by picking up the phone.

The best jobs to engage with, just like your own post, are the ones with the most detail. If somebody hiring simply states just that and nothing more, the job in question isn’t likely to be too great. Vacancies worth shouting about will have plenty of details and usually a link to an official job page. Prior to commenting on a post be sure to read it thoroughly as asking a question that is already answered can dig you into a hole.

Searching in groups

The search facility in Facebook groups is a brilliant tool. Whether you forget which groups you have posted in or if you’re looking for something specific, this is the tool for you. Every group on the platform has this option and it is designed to save you hours of scrolling. With some groups offering upwards of 100 posts a day you can use search to find exactly what you need. Are you looking for a job in retail? Type “retail” into the bar and see what comes up. Are you looking for a job in your specific area? Type it in and see what is displayed.

I personally use this to find out which groups I have engaged with and the specific posts. Give it a try now, go into a group that you regularly use and type your own name into the search box and see how many results come up.

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