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Greydient Jobs’ Candidate of the Month

Candidate: Colin Wallace
LinkedIn profile: Click here
Available: NOW
Looking for: next natural move into an independent record label / music rights management business
Would also consider: music education/ lecturing positions, music start ups and other creative industries where Colin’s skill set transfers

The team at Greydient are very fortunate to meet a broad range of exceptional and inspiring candidates who have worked in a broad range of diverse roles with a broad range of diverse people and as a result have some fascinating stories to tell.

At Greydient Towers though we always find that the most interesting aspect of a candidate’s story is undoubtedly when they talk about themselves. When they discuss the early days of their careers, the reasons for their initial choices, the successes, the struggles and the varying degrees of luck; good and bad, along the way. Then they talk about the experience of being an older worker and the challenges they face to secure the job they passionately want, not the job they feel they have to take.

Until now we have kept these stories to ourselves, but going forward we feel it would be beneficial for our clients to “meet” the men or women behind the CV, to give them a hint of the type of person and personality they could employ.

In the first of a monthly series of Candidate Q&A’s then, we feature Music Industry Executive; Colin Wallace, a man who’s career has been “all about the music” working with household names such as Bjork, Sinead O’Connor and the Cocteau Twins and discovering electronic duo Goldfrapp in the late 90s.

Colin has an enviable CV and a great history of working with bands that are heroes to many but we move past this and dig deeper, looking beyond the rock n roll and into the core reasons why an employer should hire Colin as he details his motivations and transferable skills alongside his own passion for music.

On The Road with Robin and Liz, Cocteau Twins, driving to the Bourges Festival in 1986

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?




When did you fall in love with music? And why?                                    

I remember being 3 years old and hearing “She loves you” by the Beatles on the radio. That Christmas, I asked for a little guitar and sang “Yeah yeah yeah” all holiday. I even sung it when we went to the local restaurant for Christmas dinner and was given £5 from the chef, not bad in 1964! At that age I discovered music has the ability to excite and enthuse; then as I grew older, i realised it could stir deeper emotions. I never did manage to master the art of playing an instrument but my passion for music in all it’s forms has never diminished. I love working with musicians and being part of the creative process from the first chord to the final mix.

Can you list your strengths?










Why should an employer consider hiring you?

My career has encompassed many aspects of the music industry that include being a roadie, head of international and artist manager. I have kept ahead in this fast moving pace of the industry, by learning about new processes and developments. These skills enable me to drive creative projects from conception to manufacturing, promotion, release date and beyond. 

I am an exception team leader and reliable team player. I have an extensive list of UK and international industry contacts that have proven extremely successful which I can utilise in future roles.

My breadth of experience and ability to diversify are assets for prospective employers.

If you were an album what album would you be?

Difficult to pick one album, but Highway 61 revisited – Bob Dylan – For me this album encapsulates creativity and bravery with brilliant songs.

What are your key transferable skills? 

Relationship management

Promotion & marketing strategy

International talent sourcing

Trend monitoring

Budget control

Problem solving

What makes a good team player?

Good listener and believing in an open forum for ideas and formulate plans to ensure everyone is clear of what is expected.

What motivates you?

Great music, happy and respectful workplace.

Who has inspired you in the workplace? And why?

Ivo Watts Russell (former owner of 4AD), saw something in me and gave me my first break in the industry. He was the epicentre of the 4AD yet always had time for me and respected ideas I had for the label.

Geoff Travis and Jeannette Lee (owners of Rough Trade) – Quite simple Geoff has the best ears in the business and is a wonderful person to work for. Jeannette is one of the strongest and most creative people I have ever met. They game me my second chance to shine at Rough Trade and helped me grow in confidence by giving me responsibility to lead others.

Martin Mills (owner Beggars Group) – Martin is the most amazing person in this industry. It was once pointed out to me that none of the labels he has partnered with have ever gone bust and in fact have blossomed into successful businesses. He is a powerhouse behind the independent music scene on a global level and does this with a calmness which taught me how to have authority without being dictatorial. 

What advice would you give a 21 year old you? 

Chill out, believe more in yourself and don’t worry so much.


Please contact Greydient to find out more about Colin and review a copy of his CV.

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