Generation Cherry – an essential guide to refreshing your mindset and approach

In the beginning there was Greydient..

As we know Greydient is here to give talented older workers a platform to search for a variety of great job opportunities with age friendly employers. Not only that, we also provide guidance on the practical side of job hunting with regards to articles written and support offered on CV writing, interview techniques etc. etc. Practical skills that help to empower job searches and applications and get our candidates into a new role ASAP.

And it works..


Because as I speak to more and more Greydient users I’m becoming increasingly aware that sometimes a job seeker may not be held back by their poor CV writing skills; for example, or tiresome interview technique; no, most of all they are being held back by their mindset, attitude and/or approach to the whole job seeking process.. But look, when things are going badly, whether we’ve been made redundant or keep hitting our head against the job application wall – we’re not exactly going to be on top form are we? I get that. No, we may be frustrated, angry and depressed..

And that’s why I’ve found the brilliant Generation Cherry by Tim Drake such a difficult book to put down because, well; it ties in so well with our work at Greydient.

Whereas Greydient provides employment options and solutions and advice, Generation Cherry provides the lift off and MindSet MOT to get you there.

“The great thing about reaching an age of maturity is that we can fulfil the potential of the promising youngster we have always felt ourselves to be”

– Tim Drake

Generation Cherry – utilising mindset and grey matter..

Let me tell you “where I am” with personal development and self-help books. Firstly, I’m the wrong side of 44 remember, so I’ve lived a life. A life of ups and downs and twists and turns which has ultimately created an unhealthy/heathy cynicism in me because of the challenges I’ve faced and the experiences I’ve had. Thus for me, and maybe for you, the majority of books that seek to help me develop personally are a little too patronising and too far removed from my real world on Planet Earth.

Generation Cherry is different.

It’s author; Tim Drake, is one of us. He’s been there, done it and worn the “struggling, older worker’s” t-shirt. So not only can he relate to us and vica versa, he can also provide the coping strategies and life lessons that have allowed him to flourish post middle age unemployment.

Autonomy – The Freedom to be you. And in control. .

Tim’s book revolves around the fact that our generation; Generation Cherry, deserve a 2nd bite at the cherry, be it life or career or both. And the main stumbling block to achieving this second bite, is you, me – ourselves. Our mindset is negative; the glass is half empty, and we lack the necessary autonomy and control.

So to avoid a future that is financially hard, as well as being personally and professionally unchallenging – Generation Cherry recommends we have a Mindset MOT and focus on being autonomous in 4 key areas to ensure we grow into the rounded, fulfilled human being we deserve to be.  The 4 autonomies are;

  • Earning – to help us pay the bills, keep us solvent and in touch with the world
  • Learning – to keep us actively developing ourselves ; personally and as human beings
  • Giving – not financially necessarily, we can volunteer our skills, services, our time
  • Recharging – to make sure we are stimulated  and full of energy for the life ahead.

In layman’s terms. We have got a lot to offer this world so make sure your draining every last drop of juice out of your life and  career cherries, using every ounce of your experience and creativity to ensure happiness and success, for you and those around you.

It makes sense. And whilst Generation Cherry doesn’t give you a magic wand to a new job or instant success, what it does do is discuss powerful life lessons and strategies to make you think. How can I be better? How can I change my life and my approach to ensure I’m putting myself in the best possible place to succeed?

More soon.

In the meantime, you can buy the book here




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