How to stay “Age Positive” in the workplace – a guide for employers

What is Age Positive?

Age Positive is a campaign introduced by the Department for Work and Pensions which Greydient is very happy to support of course.

The campaign encourages employers to make decisions about recruitment, training and retention that do not discriminate against someone because of their age.

Age Positive uses publications, research, press, events and awards initiatives to get the message across – and to help employers comply with legislation to outlaw age discrimination in employment.

Download the Age Positive guide here and ensure you are complying too..

The Employer Toolkit

The Employer Toolkit is an interactive resource, offering guidance for managers of older workers.  The information available details how employers can better manage their workforce, and by doing so, how they can capitalise on the UK’s changing demographics.

The Toolkit includes information relating to the 3 ‘R’s highlighted by the Government’s former Business Champion for Older Workers, Dr Ros Altmann CBE. These are retaining, retraining and recruiting older workers. Information is also included on a range of other topics including legal requirements, knowledge management and flexible working arrangements.

Guidance is currently available on a general level, and further information will be released to reflect the realities of working within different sectors.

Other guidance about older workers

Employing older workers: an employer’s guide to today’s multi-generational workforce  answers employer questions and issues concerning recruitment, performance, succession management, retention and transfer of skills, bringing on younger workers, and retirement. It offers good practice solutions tried and tested by employers of various sectors and sizes.

Employer case studies: employing older workers for an effective multi-generational workforce has over 30 real life examples. They show how employers of various sectors and sizes have made the best of the opportunities and effectively managed the issues presented by an ageing workforce. They offer practical examples and transferable experience.

Help and support for older workers provides guidance about working past 50 and employing older workers. It is aimed at older people who want to get back into, or stay in, work and employers who could benefit by employing older people.





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