Why Greydient?

An age-old problem and an untapped resource

Greydient was launched to provide a recruitment platform that champions the benefits of employing older workers; 45+, and gives them the opportunity to apply for jobs with age friendly employers.

But why us? And why now?

Well, we’re getting older…

The UK’s population is getting older and in turn our workforce is getting older too. In fact by 2020 there will be 3.7 million more people between the ages of 50 and state pension age and many of those will be working or looking for work,.

Consequently the supply of older workers is huge, and will continue to grow as our population lives healthier and longer lives.

And maybe not wiser..

Age discrimination is rife in some sectors as sadly some employers have outdated perceptions that older workers are out of touch, less productive, more expensive and more prone to ill health than their younger counterparts. As a result older workers are often over looked for vacancies, promotions and either forced into retirement or simply cast aside.

We need to educate…

Perceptions need to be changed and demand created especially when research by the NIESR shows that older workers could boost the economy. In fact if all over 50s worked an extra 3 years this would add a massive £55bn a year to the UK’s economy by 2033 which is equivalent to an extra £55 billion in 2014 GDP terms.

We need change…

The government has started to act to readdress the balance, and is now encouraging; in fact championing the rights of the UK’s older workers. In fact in September 2016, the Government appointed the Business in the Community Age at Work Leadership Team, led by Andy Briggs, CEO of Aviva UK Life, as Business Champion for Older Workers. The role is an opportunity to support employers adapt to the needs of our ageing population through better retention, retraining and recruiting of older workers.

And we need a forum for older workers where their voice can be heard and their applications read…

We do. And that’s why Greydient Jobs was launched. To fill a fundamental gap in the market by introducing older workers to age friendly employers in an online community where they can feel comfortable and accepted. Not prejudged and disadvantaged.

There are some great websites out there already of course; whether social enterprise, government funded or commercially driven, but there’s no one quite like Greydient.

Greydient Jobs was borne to offer something a little different. Yes we focus on the older worker but we also take age out of the equation; by providing a fun vibrant community which has a youthful exuberance to it’s voice, content and user experience.

And age is just a number…

And so when our users Log In, age should be the last thing on their mind, finding a new job, seeking a new opportunity, building new alliances has to be the only priority… And if we can help to boost the economy at the same time…

Feel free to feedback or contact the Greydient team to discuss further.

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