Mission Statement

Greydient is on a mission…

Formed by individuals passionate about equal opportunity in the work place, Greydient has been created to showcase the applications of our talented older workers; generally 50plus, to open minded partners interested in relevancy and experience, not age.

We want to provide a voice for older workers in the workplace and champion the benefits of employing them

We feel that age discrimination is commonplace in the workplace, and it’s nonsense. There’s a notion that as you get older you get more expensive, less productive and increasingly out of touch. The reality is different. Older workers are a big asset to any business; they bring broad experience, loyalty and a toolbox full of transferable life and work skills.

We want to offer help and advice so that our older workers can become the best they can be and get the job they really want, not the job they have to take.

Greydient does not advocate positive discrimination, moreover we support equal opportunity for all employees ensuring however that our older workers have the same right to interview and employment as any other age group. Ensuring that they have the support and opportunities to achieve what they want to achieve.

We are not a charity but we are a business with a charitable heart.

Greydient is not a charitable organisation nor do we lobby against discrimination. We operate as a commercial entity that seek to place the right person in the right job. We just want an older worker to be the “right person” more of the time.

Our service levels and values are integral to everything we do.

We want to deliver the highest level of service to our candidates and clients; it’s everything we stand for. Making a commitment to promise and deliver, to be reliable and consistent, to be honest and fair. To be as good as we can be and strive to be better.

We want to keep things simple and lead by example.

We have a passion to keep learning and to innovate, continually working to simplify and improve our processes, making it easier for our candidates to find a job and our clients to find a candidate.


We want to get more and more older workers back into the workplace in the UK. And we have the passion and commitment to do that.

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